Color Matching

Polymerics Inc. offers state of the art color matching for the most stringent of applications. Using an X-Rite Ci 4200 colorimeter, color compounds can be formulated to within 1 DE* of a color standard.

For more stringent applications, Polymerics Inc. has developed proprietary color testing techniques that virtually eliminate any color variations seen with the naked eye. This reduces scrap for a number of color sensitive applications such as shoe soles, automotive interiors, and colored calender stock.

Polymerics Inc.’s proprietary mixing process eliminates batch to batch and lot to lot color variability, eliminating the need for extra customer testing, compound sorting, and batch blending. These improvements in color consistency drastically reduce scrap and improve customer outputs.

In addition to color matching, Polymerics Inc. also provides color stabilization. Many color compounds fade over time due to poor UV resistance or other poor weathering properties. Polymerics Inc. has the expertise and experience to improve color stabilization. Using state of the art Xenon Arc testing, Polymerics Inc. has the capability to test for color stabilization per ASTM D-2244 and ASTM D-1148.

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