The Custom Mixers’ Custom Mixer

Polymerics Inc. has a state of the art Research and Development department that has been serving the rubber industry for over 45 years. We provide laboratory mixing, technical expertise, and a variety of rubber testing for both potential and current customers. We also have a large catalog of proprietary formulas. We can also build formulas from scratch or tweak existing compounds to improve product performance, reduce scrap, or to eliminate processing issues.

The Research and Development function is an integral part of Polymerics Inc. and is one of the major factors that sets us apart from our competition. It originated with Polymerics’ founder, Bob Samples, and his passion for problem-solving and his dedicated customer service. These ideals are ingrained in Polymerics and are still important to this family-owned company today. It is so important in fact, that Research and Development account for over 10% of our workforce. We do not want to be a one size fits all custom mixer. We want to solve problems, improve products, and develop partners, not customers. We want to continue to be the custom mixers’ custom mixer.

Polymerics Inc. has four laboratory mixers dedicated to both color and black stocks. We offer technical expertise on a variety of polymers. We have chemists with forty years of compounding experience and chemists in training to ensure we will always be able to provide technical solutions for our customers and the rubber industry. Our testing capabilities include rheology, Mooney viscosity, Mooney scorch, durometer, unaged physical properties, heat aged physical properties, fluid aged physical properties, compression set, tension set, tear, specific gravity, colorimetry, and both extrusion and molding properties. We can provide detailed analysis on formula improvements, cost cutting measures, and production start-ups.

Not only do we work in the lab, but we also perform on-site production technical support consulting for our customers. We have experience in LCM extrusion lines, hot air extrusion lines, microwave extrusion lines, calendering, autoclaving, and all types of molding. Our 45 years of experience serving the rubber industry provides us the confidence to know that we can continue to help our customers achieve success and grow our businesses together.

For some of our customers, we are their technical department. Polymerics will help a customer modify their current formulas to perform better or develop new formulas for new projects and new opportunities. We can and do provide 100% research and development for small companies, as well as for divisions of fortune 500 companies. We are prepared to handle any and all technical needs.

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